Saturday, April 9, 2011

EAA Chapter Meeting

The meeting this month will be about the Stewart Systems Fabric Covering process.  It will be held at Wayne Loeber's hangar (southernmost row of hangars)Gate code is 12305 at the Hurricane Airport. (Bring your own chair...)

The Stewart System™ is a waterborne catalyzed Polyurethane system and the newest system that is available. There are no “solvents” and the system is EPA compliant. For people that that have been sensitized to solvents this is a great system. They are working towards having their own fabric but any FAA TSO’d fabric can be used with their STC. The fabric is attached with Stewart System™’s EkoBond™ cement and heat shrunk to 350 degrees. Attachment to the ribs is by the normal methods.

The finishing tapes are applied with EkoBond™. The fabric is sealed with EkoFill™, the first two coats of EkoFill™ being applied with a foam brush. After a light sanding, the rest of the filling is applied by spraying on EkoFill™. UV protection is provided by EkoFill™ which blocks the UV. Stewart System™ top coat can be applied to fabric, metal or fiberglass. When painting over metal or fiberglass it must be applied over Stewart System™ primers in insure good adhesion.

This is a catalyzed paint and no flex additive is required. This paint sprays different than solvent paint. It is not hard, just different and may take a little getting use to.

To repair the Stewart System™, the patch may be glued with EkoBond™ directly to the painted surface after scuffing the surface with Scotch Brite™ or sand paper. Once the patch is in place it is filled with EkoFill™ and then painted.

The Stewart System™ is nonflammable when spraying and when completed. Since there are no solvents in any of their material, there is no hazardous material shipping surcharges. Stewart System™ has a very complete, easy to read manual.

As a safety note, when spraying the Stewart System™ products you should wear a respirator at all times. A fresh air system is not required.

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