Monday, May 23, 2011

Western Sky Warbird Museum Jet Blast !

Scott and I flew the QuickSilver LSA over to the new St. George Airport (KDXZ) to attend the Western Sky Warbird Museum Jet Blast on Saturday May 23, 2011.

What a Blast ! Although, considered a long cross country from Hurricane to St. George with the QuickSilver LSA, we made it through the thermals and strong winds and entered a 4 mile very long final to runway 19. Half an hour later, after crossing the final approach fix, we touched down and taxied to the east side, to say hello to Cliff Chaney at his newly assembled hangar. A must stop if you are visiting KDXZ !
 The second leg of our trip was the taxiing from Chaney’s hangar to the event on the west side. Another long ride by any account...

 We were pleasantly surprised by the number of people attending the event. There must have been over two hundred people who came over to look at and take pictures of the airplanes there. 2 WWII Aces were there, Maj. Rigby and Lt. Fletcher, signing autographs. There were at least three food vendors with all kinds of goodies and a few exhibitors. One in particular had an awesome display of model tanks and airplanes from different eras. There was also an old military Ford Jeep? That was pretty cool.

At the end, Scott and I spent the rest of the time drooling over the P-51D Mustang “Hell-er Bust”. Hell-er Bust was built at the North American plant in Inglewood, California and delivered to the United States Army Air Force, 8th Air Force in January 1945. Hell-er Bust later served with the Swedish Air Force as Fv26131 from 1948 to 1952, ending its career as FAD1920 with the Dominican Republic Air Force from 1952 to 1984.

Not bad for a “free to the public” event!

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