Sunday, February 5, 2012


Can you identify this airplane?

The Chapter Meeting is coming up this Thursday at the museum, St. George Airport.
Please plan to attend and find the proposed agenda:

  • Secretary Report.(Jen)
  • President Report.(Pat)
  • Young Eagles Report (Gary)
  • Airshow report.(Pat)
    • Need for more help. (Pat)
    • Handout posters and brochures.(Pat)
  • Plans for the booth.(Gary)
  • DR-107(Jim and Gary)
    • Go over Gordon's plan?
    • Projected budget for the build.
    • Time schedule for the next 6 months.
    • Location for build: Free hangar at Deseret Lab.
    • (Suggestion: how about the City of  Washington for storage, so it is more central?)

Patrick Carroll
Thunder Over Utah Local Representative
EAA Chapter 936 President
Meeting is the second Thursday of each month.

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