Sunday, December 9, 2012

EAA Chapter Flyout

We are planning our first Flyout under the direction of Russ Roberts to Page, AZ (KPGA)
Here is Russ's email:
With, and all in agreement that Tuesday December 11, will be either "sunny" or "mostly sunny" in Page, AZ, I propose that date and place as our first fly-out.

The ETA in KPGA will be 11:30am MST (1830Z). This being winter, Arizona and Utah are on the same time zones. We will meet at Classic Aviation FBO. Be there at or before 11:30am. Call me for last minute delays or changes on cellphone 435-590-7610.

For those unfamiliar, the GA ramp is northwest of the terminal. (Do not take the terminal exit from the runway. The preferred GA exit is toward the north end.) There are two FBO's and they actively compete for business. You may actually see two follow-me vehicles meet you as you turn in the ramp. If so, follow Classic Aviation. If no follow-me from Classic, park on the west side of the GA ramp. Classic's office is on the southwest corner of the GA ramp. We'll meet there.

If we get at least three planes and the weather holds, we will proceed. If not, we will postpone to another date when more may be able to participate.  After checking the TAF's on Monday afternoon, I will send an email about 18:00 confirming that we are going or cancelling.

For now, promptly send me an email if you plan to go with the usual A/C type, N number, people, etc.

If you were coming from Hurricane Airport and would be flying a Cessna 172, this is what your flight plan may look like:

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